Day 195 – TGIF

Had some real nice Mexican neighbors pull in. He works in the area and decided to drag is huge ass Montana 5th wheel and park by Keri and I. Keri is in the school bus conversion called a skoolie.

Nice Hispanic couple

I’m embarrassed to say I can’t remember their names. They were very Hispanic and spoke broken English.

I said the only Spanish word I knew was tequila and gracias.


They came over for a drink and Ask me to come over and look at their grill. OMG, He had every kind of meat you to think of on there! Some chicken quail looking stuff, shallots and whole onions and beef neck bones it look like and a whole bunch of sausage.

I get a knock at the door about 2 hours later and his wife is standing there with a giant plate of food for me.

He also brought one over to Keri. Then 20 min she brings over the hottest dipping sauce I ever tasted! It cleaned out my sinuses with one chip!

Excellent food, even tho I didn’t know what I was eating! I was guessing what it was by the shape of the bones. It was delicious whatever it was! Quail? Pigeon? Neck bones from a cow? It was delish!

I never pass on free food!

Awesome food from neighbor!

Yes it was that red!! Hot! But with a beer it tasted great!

I love meeting the people on the road. So nice. Always willing to help.

Keri mentioned her tail light problem and he said he’d take a look at it sometime. Great guy! His wife wanted to see the bus conversion. They had never heard of such a thing as a tiny home.

Keri’s rig

She named it ifwisheswerehorsesbus.

Happy trails.

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