Day 196 – Sat.

After that delicious meal last night, I had energy to scrape more letters off Keri’s bus.

She still has all the sineage on the school bus. Have to take the word “school” off before she gets it painted.

So it was only 95 out and sun was beating on the metal which helps with the removal of the vynil letters.

Goo Gone helps too.

Worked with rubber gloves until I got the wood School off on the top of the bus.

Why? I dont know. I felt we were here and had time to kill so best to do something productive.

School on top gone

She did the wording on back windows and decided she wanted to keep these?

SO alternating flash lights (?)

Different strokes for different folks.

The other side of the bus that has School on the sides have been removed last week and are gone but the little sign was in the way.

Glad that project is done. Need scaffolding for front letters.

Nursing a blister from scraping with the putty knife. I even had rubber gloves on.

I’m fine.

No more manual labor. Just gonna try to get Saturday Night Live on YouTube.

Happy trails.

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