Day 197 – Sunday

Another hot one 96°. I decided to do laundry so hauled it up the road to the clubhouse.


There is a road that skirts says trees and heads to that little green clubhouse looking trailer.

That’s where the laundry is located the TV and the library. Also bathroom and showers and the office.

Seems like a million miles away when your draggin your laundry on your shoulder.

Had to wait because all a washers were busy. Some guy came in and use them all and left and never came back.

So me and some lady from Tennessee were waiting until he decided to unload stuff in the dryer and left again. So then I had to wait on her!

So I watch the movie Summer Vacation. Had Bev DeAngelo in it and John Candy so I had to laugh.

She is from Columbus because her dad was Gene DeAngelo who owned Channel 10WBNS.

A lady left some time on a dryer and said when I was ready for it I can have it. Saved me a dollar. Got all my stuff done and some of the T-shirts that weren’t dry, I threw them on the chair outside the rig. Dried in ten minutes in this heat!

Note to self… don’t do laundry on Sundays. Busy place.

Came back and have the rest of the chicken/quail. It was really good. Not so hot second time around.😜

Happy trails.

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