Day 198 – Monday

Last week here in the heat of Mathis TX. Thank God.

105 today. Too hot to go outside so I just stayed in and straightened around and put stuff away for my impending journey on Wednesday.


I went to the clubhouse to watch General Hospital. Going to miss it this week when I don’t have TV reception.

Going to head to Corpus Christi to find a Joann fabrics and a Michaels and hope they have the jelly roll and I need for my quilt I’m trying to finish. I ran out and they supposedly have 6 rolls of the fabric I need. I’ll be happy with one.

I tried to order it online even though the store said they had 6 I put in 2 and they came back with an error saying that they didn’t have that many. So I’m going to drive over tomorrow to see for myself.

I also wanna check out the Gulf of Mexico. It’s very close to Padre Island. I hope some places are open. Like the free beach! I will stay 6′ away from anybody not like those fools in Florida!

Nice sunset. One lone palm tree.

Not like Arizona but it’ll do.

Happy trails.

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