Day 199 – Tuesday

1 more day. Can’t wait to get back on the road.

I got itchy feet and had to go to the Dollar General and Family Dollar. They have bacon and eggs and all kinds of stuff there. Didn’t even have to go the grocery store.

Stocked up for another week on the road. They have a limit on toilet paper pasta and paper products. At least they had TP in stock. I didn’t need any, just saying.

Will head out to Corpus Christi tomorrow. Feel bad for my poor tires. They were sitting still in the temperature gauge said a 107 rolling down the road.

I will dump my tanks tomorrow unplug from electric and go pay my electric bill. They ask for a $100 deposit in case you skip out. Geez.

I’ll let you know how much I used in one month. I sure don’t like sitting still. But it was cheaper to stay here a month then to drive around looking for a place to hang my hat at night.

I did get a lot of sewing done and projects for which I needed electricity. I will have to get in to my solar mode now. I am glad I got the quiltv started.

It’s only half a strip now but I ran out of the jelly roll fabric so that’s why I’m heading to Corpus Christi.  They have a Michael’s there also so I may get some acetate to make face guards. I understand they are in short supply in the ER’s.

Well I gotta get to bed so look at this pink sky a while. Nite

Happy trails.

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