Day 200 – Weds. Leaving Mathis, TX

Wow, what a milestone 200 days on the road. It truly flew by.

Saw lots of places and new people and some that I had met before.

On April 6, I was at the most beautiful campground on Lake Corpus Christi State Park and 4 hours later, I was told it was shutting down!

We all had to pack up and scramble for place to stay.

Pickens were slim but the ranger had told me about a place 6 miles away so I threw the dice and ended up in Mathis, Texas.

Big park but very poor condition. Long grass terrible potholes you felt like the rig was gonna fall over.

Nice lake but no beach!!

What was supposed to be a beach was muddy grass and the water felt slimy. Some jet skis but everybody pretty much stayed in their campers.

Lake Corpus Christi – 45 miles from CC!
So crazy weather
And blue skies

But ready to leave!

Made it to Corpus Christi and decided the beach was too soft for this rig. Only hard pack was right down the middle of the road and on the right you had to back into a sandunes which was soft and on the left it was right on the water and with the full moon all those cars are gonna be washed away when the tide comes in.

I said no thanks. Glad I walked down and had a look before drove down.

Nope not gonna do it!

Happy trails

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