Day 202 – TGIF

Stayed at a rest area in Vinton LA. Decided to keep driving to get into the corner of Alabama.

There was a visitor center at the top of the state where you enter. So I drove 9 hours and ended up there.

Not even sure what city it was But it was close to Tennessee.

Drove through a blinding rainstorm. People don’t even slow down for rain storms.

Speed limit’s still 75! And they cross over 5 lanes without blinking.

Road over a bayou on both sides
Bridge yikes
More crazy bridges
Tornado damage for miles and miles and Tennesee
Piled up trees on the side of the freeway
Tops snapped off

Truly reminded me of Hurricane Michael last year in FL.

There were so many trees down that they just had to leave them on the side of the road. They went across the road so they were just chain sawed off trees like guardrails

Sweet home Alabama

Was glad to get up into Tennessee and KY.

Another rest area, dont know where!

Happy trails! Last day!!

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