Day 203 – Saturday

Last truck stop somewhere.

Homeward bound! Last 700 miles. Look up somewhere in Tennessee and wanted to knock out Kentucky and Ohio. So I know I want to sleep in Alabama and went through 4 States when I got to Lake Erie about 7:30 p.m.

Covington KY
Longest wide load I ever saw. Had two of these!
Rear end of wide load
Blue skies ahead!

Rolled into the Lake at 7:30 p.m. after driving 12 hours From Alabama through Tennessee, Kentucky and Ohio.

Home sweet home

Doesn’t look like much but I was so happy to be here!

It was cold but I had by heater from the camper!

Green grass and high tides

Calm lake. Good night’s sleep and wait for Molly to drive up and take me back to Columbus to get Prius.

Journey done… 203 days on the road since October 22. Eight months of no rent!

Met a lot of fun people on the road. Will catch them next year!

Added a few more YouTube stickers of celebs I met!
Packin’ up for storage

Until next fall…Happy trails!

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