Day 58 – Monday

Went to a local RV dealer 70 miles away to look at Class B vans.

The class B van I started to look at was the Leisure Travel Wonder.

This is a beautiful coach with lots of amenities and is meant for full time living.

However, it’s about $40,000 more than my budget would allow, so I gave up that idea.

2020 Coachman Beyond

They had this beauty on the showroom floor and it was about $40,000 less than LT Wonder.

It is on a Ford chassis and a gas engine. Add all the boxes checked off that I was looking for and is supposed to get 12 to 18 miles to a gallon. Works for me.

After hours of deliberation And thoughtful conversation with myself, I weighed the pros and cons of the decision.

I like the idea of having it all self contained, cleanouts that were easy to get to and the amount of windows that it had. You don’t feel closed in.

I told them I would pick it up on the 16th.

Happy trails.

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  1. Jan, This looks fabulous! Is this brand new or used? Which dealer did you purchase it from? I’m super jealous! We won’t be in a position to replace our van for at least 4-5 years. Hope you got a good trade in on your other camper.
    Chuck and I do take a tent along (it has two rooms). We use the tent if we plan to camp for more than one night.


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