July 16 – Thurs.

I decided to not put the day number on the posts anymore, since this will not be a daily blog.

Too much going on while stationary and until November one this is not really a travel log.

I am at Lake Erie watching these beautiful sunsets and preparing the camper van for the journey westward this Winter.

So I will just list the dates and fill you in as I get more content.

Right now the Van is at the storage unit and I go over every day and rearrange things.

I will take it out on it shakedown cruise to Indiana next weekend to make sure all systems work.

Most RV’s only have a one year warranty, so I need to get it on the road soon to try it out.

I picked it up from the dealership and there were few water issues because someone had filled the grey tank beyond capacity and it was overflowing.

Surprisingly, nobody me noticed it but me. Another reason if you notice something, say something.

Had a great drive back to the Lake in a very windy condition and it was very stable on the road. I am a foot shorter than I was in the class C and it really makes a difference in the handling and steering. It drives just like an SUV.

Waiting for the open road

Very peaceful at the Lake, but I would rather see those Arizona sunsets.

Off the docks

Happy trails.

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