July 27 – Monday

Days are flying by. I had high hopes for this summer to just stay in the camper at the Lake and sew.

Then Corona hit in March. So I have been making masks ever since instead of quilting.

I take strips of fabric called Jellyrolls and cut them up into pieces and rearrange them into different patterns.

It’s really fun to see how they turn out.

Last quilt for a while

I used to have a huge basement floor in my old house and I would lay out giant pieces of fabric. Now I have a little space in my living area of the camper at the Lake in it all goes down on the floor here.

I get crazy woman’s sewing area and it works for me.

Now I gotta figure out how all that’s gonna fit in my Van for 6 months when I’m out on the road.

Sewing machine storage. Yikes

Still rearranging things in the camper van. I’ll find a spot. Who needs food? Ha

Happy trails.

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