July 28 – Tues.

Went to the van (She Shed 2.0) that is in storage right now. Still organizing and cleaning and rearranging stuff. It’s losing that new car smell pretty fast.

It’s right next to a quarry on Lake Erie. They blast at random times and so it shakes the van and scares me half to death.

She Shed 2.0

I did find some different places for the blankets and pillows to go. So I may think of stuffin’ my clothes in the pillow cases.

I’m running out of room fast.

Going from a 24′ class C with a giant cab over bunk, dinette that turned into a bed And a walk around Queen size bed on a slide out Has been a lesson and downsizing all over again.

But now I know what I used and what I didn’t use last year. Feel I could be selective in when I drag in there.

She Shed Class C

I will do it all over again today!

She Shed Class B

Happy trails!

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