July 29 – Weds.

I have a Groundhog Day yesterday. I swore was Tuesday all day today.

Hate when that happens!

Then I was so glad when I looked at my phone and saw that it was Wednesday and I knew I wasn’t stuck in a loop.

So I went to the camper and started rearranging again.

Help all the stuff stays put when I get on the road.

Gotta love that VHB tape. That stuff holds everything down.


The picture on the wall is a picture of my mom and dad who passed away 10 weeks of each other in 2016. Hardly seems like 4 years have passed since I put that picture up. They were active 90 somethings who read the newspaper everyday in watched the news.

I often wonder what they would think of this Corona virus. Mom, being a nurse, would be mad that it got this far. I’m really glad they don’t have to live through this because they would have not understood why we couldn’t visit them and why everyone had to wear masks.

Mask up!

So I will just keep making masks.

Happy trails.

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