Aug. 28. – TGIF

On to Grand Haven state park. Awsome white sand only check in is until 3 o’clock. They have a really nice stay staging area where you can park your rig and Go to the beach and hang out until check in.

So that’s what we did.

Lots of crazy waves and surfers

Had a really nice site And decided to stay another night. It is a very popular park and it takes almost 6 months to get in so we happened to walk by the ranger station and the 2 girls were leaving and canceling their site. We jumped on it and asked the ranger of we could get their site for Saturday and he said come at 1 o’clock and see if it’s available.

So smart thinking Peggy goes up at 12:30 and yes the sorry and there was one great on the beach that became available. So we went with that one and she got the hang tag So we can go set up over at that site.

Glad we did because a big storm was coming in.

Crazy cloud

The cloud actually starts sucking water out of the Lake I need good see it rising up into it. It got very dark I was sure we were going to have a terrible thunderstorm. But another strong wind came And blew that out to sea. It never did rain and all the wind surfers came out because the winds were 17 miles an hour.

Wind surfer

Happy trails.


  1. That was a great picture of that storm cloud! I visited that beach many times growing up when we would go visit my aunt in Grand Rapids. Good for you for staying the extra night! You have to be on it to get reservations at those Michigan beach parks. You might want to check out my Pentwater posts. Another great place to visit in Michigan. Enjoy your day and your travels!

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