Aug. 29 – Sat.

This is Terri Van Syckle’s birthday. She died planning a trip in her easy chair. Just like that she was gone.

We had gone to Muchigan with 2 other gals and had a great time several years ago in my popup.

Black flies were terrible and it was not fun at the Beach with the biting flies.

So this was extra special that I got to enjoy the beach with just a few biting flies.

Then got a little cooler and we got a lot of rain overnight but then in the afternoon there was a brief shower and we got a spectacular rainbow show.

It was awesome!

Rangers put up the sign that they had a strong riptide and no swimming was allowed But all the windsurfers all came out and there were 10 up in the sky at one time

The sunset was spectacular as well.

This is why I camp.

Happy trails.

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