Aug. 30 – Sunday

Headed back to Indiana to drop Peggy off for her son to pick her up. We were right by a state park in Indiana so I decided to stay the night there to defrost my refrigerator and dump the tanks.

It worked out well except check in time was 5:00 p.m. which is super dumb so you lose the whole day waiting on the site to open up.

So I got a site anyways and drove around Until one opened up at 1 o’clock.

Since I was already there the ranger let me stay and I got to dump my tanks while waiting.

Was it really nice unlevel camp site!

I forgot it was only one night so it was worth it just a park it. The guy in the next campsite said I could have his wood. So I took some coals from his campfire and it lit right away.

After refrigerator defrost and and the tanks dumped And I went right to bed.

Happy trails.

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