Sept. 14 – Monday

Do moved on to the next BMV agency because you

BMV what a waste of time. First you get in line by texting to certain number, get a number then there is a 2 hr. wait for your number to be called.

So I decided to leave and go to the next BMV agency closer to my daughter’s house. We’ll, that line was around the corner also. Only You wait in a line To talk to a guy who gives you the number. He assured me the weight would not be 2 hours.

Well he was wrong.

I started this journey in 8:30am from the lake. It was now 11:30am.

As I waited, I watched as person after person came up, opened the door, like everything was normal, and they quickly shoed ’em out to go stand in the line behind the rope. There was no sign which would have really helped with this process.

So the crowd kept getting bigger in the line get getting longer. They were announcing the numbers over a Bluetooth speaker which scared the people who were standing and lying right next to it because they had suction cup it to the glass and it would startle everyone when they would read off a number.

Since I had to get my drivers license renewed and my validation stickers for the she shed I was assigned a letter D. My number was 553. Yikes. I knew I was in for a long wait.

On reading the documentation they give you they talked about a black star. This black star takes the place of the gold star and make you compliant for homeland security and to board an airplane. However to get a black star you need your original social security card. No one carries around their original card. So course, I didn’t have mine. But I did have a passport. Yeah me!

Guy told me that if you have a passport that is not expired then I am already compliant and I’m not sure if I need a black star or not.

It’s very confusing but if you have to get your license renewed take your original social security card with you and a good book.

Got home at 6:30 p.m. and got to witness this beautiful sunset so all is well with the world.

Orange coloring is from the California fires in the stratosphere. Pray for the firefighters.

Happy trails.

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