Sept. 15 – Tues.

What’s with this government and the Census Bureau? I have had three census workers visit me in the last 4 months! All asking the same questions, and getting the same answers!

This is a seasonal park with 14 and habited trailers. Each trailer has 2 people each. What is so hard to understand about that?

They’ve sent two census workers out within a week of each other to verify the numbers. Once again, I told them it is a seasonal park with 14 trailers because the one is a dump and no one lives there.

We are all here from May 1 to November 1. The guy said they just have to verify it. So he did and I think I’m good to go. I think these people just want to earn extra money since we still have a government that is spending it.

This guy look like the ZZ Top guitarist. Glad I wasn’t standing here in my underwear.

Happy trails.

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