Oct. 6 – Tues.

Headed to Galion to dealership.

Found a new way to get to Galion that was about 6 miles farther  But you didn’t have to drive behind the tractors!

Straight down Rt.  4 over to Rt. 30.

As luck would have it, I got behind the hay truck piled to the sky with hay!  Tis the season.

Good friend from the old neighborhood, Alice Patterson,  invited me out to lunch, but since I didn’t know when I would be back, we made it for Wednesday.

  Alice sold her house in Brookside Estates and her and her husband moved up here.  Bought a beautiful lot on corner and had a beautiful modular home installed.

It took forever to get the repairs done on the van but they did a fabulous job. The awning was repaired with the recall kit, Got the new bike rack it installed And the new shades go up without buckling.

They were done at 4 o’clock and I got home about 5:30. So it worked out pretty good.

I’m a happy camper. Home sweet home.

Happy trails.

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