Oct. 5 – Monday

I was supposed to take the Van back to the dealership for some warranty work today but the kit that they needed will not be in until tomorrow so I’m have to take it back on Tuesday.

I don’t mind because it’s pouring down rain and Looks the same for tomorrow. So I’m glad it’s on Tuesday and I hope they get the awning kit in to fix the sensor.

Don’t want that thing going out when I’m driving! Seems like the awning comes out by itself due to a bad switch!

It did go out at the storage unit by itself. Yikes.

Close to storage unit when it came out! YIKES

The guy at the dealership just called and said that the kid was in to fix the awning so that’s a good thing.

Heading back that way tomorrow in Galion. I think it’s about 70 miles from here.

Van is gassed up and ready to go.

I want to go camping!

Happy trails.


  1. Jan, when are you closing up and heading out west? We are currently in Hilton Head with the family, but heading back to MBI on the 17th. Chuck and I would love to see your new van


    1. I’m heading to Galion today for warranty work on the van then to Tenn. On the 10th Nov. Molly coming up Sat then closing up next week. We can catch up in spring.💞 cold windy here.


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