Oct. 4 – Sunday

Windy and cold at the Lake.

While getting camper ready to leave for the winter, I was Moving my power washer noticed the electrical cord. The darn squirrels chewed through it.

There’s one that loves to hang out under the camper, who knows what hes done under there!

I hate furry little Woodland creatures! I don’t mind feeding the birds but I can’t stand squirrels.

They’re super destructive. I had 2 Transformers blow and 2 directors chairs chewed up when I lived on an acre full of Hickory nut trees. They chewed two phone lines and two cable TV lines.

Countless yards of landscape wiring too!

We have two up here at the Lake that just wreak havoc on everything.

Bet they were surprised when this tree fell! I was!

Wind cut it right off in the middle!

3 more just like it here! ALWAYS SOMETHING!

Happy trails.

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