Oct. 10 – Saturday

Molly is coming up for the day and we are planning on going to this crazy estate sale. We both loved the description of the sale. Sounded very interesting.

Sale turned out to be very fun with lots of quirky items.

Gucci flask for a $1.00

You could tell the person had been a world traveler with lots of Southwestern and exotic items.

Loved this road runner magnet $1.00

Everything was 50% off gorgeous glassware but I’m downsizing so I had to pass.

Molly got a 1908 Meriam Webster dictionary That was about 7″ tall by 10″ long. Very thick book for $7.50.

Good coffee table book for sure.

She left about 3 o’clock to head back to Columbus.

We are having exceptionally beautiful weather here.

Had the park Halloween bash for the kids. The clown family and the resident witich showed up.

Clown family
Digging thru worms (macroni) for prizes
Resident which with safety mask

A good time was had by all. Burning the Pinata when it was over. Everything always ends up in the Campfire.

Happy trails.

1 Comment

  1. Great pictures! I love going to estate sales and flea markets. However, I do buy much less now as I don’t want stuff to accumulate. But sometimes, you just can’t pass up something! Enjoy your day!


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