Oct. 11 – Sunday

Another beautiful day in paradise.

Alice came over and picked up the Wii gaming station. Unfortunately, I had packed up the fun kid games and gave them to Julian when I went to Pennsylvania this year. I hope he hangs on to them so I can give them to Alice and her grandkids.

He’s 15 now and plays Xbox. But it was still fun to play chicken shoot with those rifles.

Making plans for this week. Lots of packing. This is my tool bag. I’m ready for anything.

Tool bag with wood chips and other equipment. It will be organized soon.

It is supposed to be a big rectangle with straps that cinch it shut and the giant zipper with a lock on.

I was hoping to put my electric bike in it but I think there’s Room on the hitch for it to sit outside it.

I will wait to until I get to court site at the big show to by the electric bike. It’s a toss up between Rad Power Mini step through or the Lectric step through. They both fold. Both are meant for old people that can’t get their legs across a high bar!

Lectric step thru

Happy trails.

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