Oct. 19 – Monday

Don’t you just hate it when the smoke alarm goes off when you are cooking in your RV? The best solution I found was to wave a towel in front of it while you’re trying not to burn your fajitas on the stove!

You kind of feel like a helicopter blade swinging the towel around trying to stop the sound of the alarm which is make me my ears ring twice as loud.

That was the last straw on that alarm. It does this every time I cook in the rig so I looked on Amazon And sure enough they make a smoke and fire alarm that has a silence button and an easy battery door pops open. Thank goodness!

So I ordered it and it came in 2 days. It even came with its own 9v battery. It was wonderful! Now my decision is to put it in my lakehouse camper or in my Van. For now, I do most of my camping in the Lake house camper But as soon as I leave I’m taking that into the Van and changing that one out.

Happy trails.


  1. When we use our toaster, it goes under the stove vent fan which we turn on; otherwise, the smoke alarm goes off. Sound like you have a good solution!


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