Oct. 20 – Tues.

Love it when I hear the UPS truck come rumbling down the street.

I know that there is a surprise in store for me. I can never remember what I ordered on Amazon and so it is always a surprise when a Box arrives.

I have a friendly neighbor named Doug who checks the mailbox every day and if I get a package, he will bring it over to my porch.

We do not specifically have a mailbox have this campground because it is seasonal. So we use the neighbor’s porch as an address. It is a great solution when you need to have something delivered.

This time it was an Eva-dry apparatus that takes the moisture out of the air. It is great for RV’s or an place where moisture is a problem. It’s a small white Box that you plug in the wall to regenerate its little round crystals when they turn Brown. They come Orange and when you look in the window if they are Orange that means they are dry and it is ready to absorb any moisture.

This one is ready to be recharged. You recharge it when the little droplet is brown. After it recharges and turns Orange, you unplug it and let it set out until the next time it turns brown. It does not made to be plugged in all the time. It is guaranteed for 5 years.

I have one in the bathroom in one in the bedroom and the closet.

They work great.

Stay dry and happy trails.

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