Nov. 24 – Tues.

Well what a difference a day makes.  It was 77゚ during the day yesterday and then the winds came!

Sagebrush blowing everywhere.

So it got to be 59° today with a low of 21-25° for the next 5 nights.

So we said bag it staying there a week with frozen pipes. So we cancelled the week and headed out to AZ.

New Mexico was crazy wind with road poodles (sagebrush)  rolling in front of us on the freeway.

Felt I was in a pinball game.

So now we are in Willcox AZ. Still windy but we can stay here another day. So its worth it!

In Deming NM

In Willcox AZ making pasta salad camper style.

Camper style pasta salad
Dish sink

Now to do the dishes in my new round sink bowl.

We having fun yet?

Happy trails.

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