Nov. 25 – Weds.

Grea ride over to Willcox, AZ. Weather calming down and  high on 68°! I’ll take it!

Was cold last night with temp of 28° but the Truma Combo furnace and hot water heater worked great!! So quiet. Unlike the clunk when it turned on with the other furnace in the Class C. That always woke me up. So glad with this one.

Ft. Willcox RV Park

Love this place. Quiet. Clean restrooms and shower. Laundry for $1.25. Passport America member park. Cable TV and but can’t get ABC until I find my cord. I think I just remembered where it was!

General Hospital here I come!

I think I’ll stay another day. No rush and love self-quarantining. Get to color more. Have electricity too so I can run the little heater all night.

Front yard

Happy trails.

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