Dec. 6 – Sunday

Was a pretty quiet day today.

I shuffled around more clothes and actually found some more space in the van. It was tough trying to decide if I should bring more warmer clothes than last year because all the forecast said it was going to be colder this Winter.

Marlene and Myra went on a walk to the top of a mountain but it was very steep getting to the top.

I decided to stay at the ranch to hold down the Fort. Lol

They were pretty exhausted when they got back.

Marlene, Myra and me.

I decided to have baked potato night and made them on the Camp Fire.

It got colder tonight around 43°.

It is supposed to get windy tonight so had to take the clamshell down.

It takes a little practice to get used to setting it up and tearing it down. Kind of like wrestling with a snake.

But it’s a good feeling when it all fits in the bag.

Happy trails.

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