Dec. 7 – Monday

Uncle Zeke’s bday. VJ Day too. He was proud of that. He had a great stint in the Navy in the Pacific Ocean. Not bad for a lad from Eureka Ave in Columbus.

Called around a lot of battery shops and RV dealers today and they all said March is their earliest appointments!

So I went to a mom and pop shop and the guy there said I was the 15th Coachmen Beyond he has seen with the backwards wiring from the factory to the inverter.

He switched the wiring to have the solar prioritize it to charge the engine battery and not the house battery! Argh.

So Shawn at Above and Beyond RV, Mesa AZ fixed the issue! Batteries started to charge and all was good. Kudos to Above and Beyond RV in Mesa AZ!

The irony is not lost that their company is named Beyond!

Then tomorrow happened.

Happy trails

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