Dec. 8 – Tuesday

Got my days mixed up. Easy to do that on the road.

On Tues. I went to Shawn at the shop. He looked it over and fixed the issue! $110 well spent.

I thought, until late at night some stupid error code kept popping on the screen with a screeching alarm.

Easy enough to fix says the guy at Xantrex the inverter maker.

He was so condensending and acted like I didn’t know anything. He told me to shut everything down for hrs which I did. After 2 hrs I called him back. Ibstartedvit up…still beeping still error code. Argh.

So went back to Shawn at Above and Beyond RV repair. Poor guy worked on that sucker for 3 hrs. Testing every scenario

Said I think I need a new inverter. Yikes. This us a new unit!

It is probably something so stupid and simple but he gave it the college try.

Happy trails.

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