Jan. 20 – Weds. New President Day

Glad I get minimal TV reception.

Got enough going on in the world to celebrate anything. Let’s kill this virus, cure global warming and get back to loving and caring about our elders and future generations who are living in the craziest times of our lives.

Pray for the kindergartens who will never get a hug from their teachers. Pray for the elderly in nursing homes who don’t understand why the family can’t visit or see them only thru a glass partition.

Pray for our world. 🌎

Happy trails and stay safe.


  1. With my mother, 98, in assisted living, your post resonates with me. It breaks my heart when I see my mother over the Echo. I can see she needs me, and I can’t be there – when there is lockdown – like now again. Yes, let’s pray for better days.


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