Mar. 2 – Tuesday

Well I moved again. The couple that was in the corner left today and even though the site was very unlevel I thought I could make it work.

So I dug out my levelling blocks and watch all the rest of the people stare at me as I went back-and-forth and back-and-forth trying to get level and then finally roll up the front on to the block.

Finally success!

I’ll take it!

Last night the borros came right under the bedroom window and scratched his neck on the hitch carrier and popped all the bungees. I thought he sounded pretty loud about 10 o’clock!

This place was hard to get to but it was worth it.

Finally gonna drag the Kindle out and do some reading.

Feel free to ask me anything you like about travelling on the road. Nothing out here is going to hurt you or keep you from living your life except your thoughts.

On the Covid, I always wear a mask and am upwind of anyone Im talking to. No one out here but us chickens.

God’s beautiful Nature

Happy trails.

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