Mar. 3 – Wednesday

I think I’m going to lose a neighbor tomorrow. Which is fine with me because one is a school bus and one is a van and a cargo trailer. So the view will open up.

They are still here so I’m so glad switched spots.

I got all settled and put the awning out and it wasn’t 10 minutes later that a big gust of wind took it and practically flipped it all the way over the Van. But the automatic wind sensor kicked in and it billowed up-and-down and then pulled itself in.

I am so glad it worked like it was supposed to work. These winds kick up like that randomly so you are always on your toes.

I love this spot. So quiet. Full sun with a breeze. Sorry to hear of the snow in the East but I’m glad it will be warming up for you soon.

View from my hike

No burros allowed! Lol

Happy trails.

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