Mar. 4 – Thursday

The woodpeckers seem to be hacking at the van now. I think they think the dripping hummingbird juice against the grey van are bugs and they are pecking at it Darn birds!

Met a hiker/biker/swimmer/rower from Iowa named Bill. Get this…he rode his bike from Texas to California!!

He has no tent… just a lightweight tarp as a teepee. That takes guts!

He also hiked the Pacific Coast Trail several times and rowedbhis canoe from Cleveland, past Port Clinton to Canada!!

He was a Fortuna Pond last week and a lady’s gazebo few into the Lake which is freezing this time of year and retrieved it for her. Wow! I’m impressed!

That’s all he carries!!
He travels light!

He said his parents live in Texas and are in their 90s but Dad is sharp as a tack still! I told him he had good genes!

He rows, bikes, hikes and swims all the time. He travels back roads and was so interesting to talk too. He gathered all this wood for the fire before anyone was even up. I think he’s the real Energizer Bunny!

He reminds me of my very funny cousin, Jimmy. He looks so much like him.

Jimmy’s evil twin, Bill

So glad I got to meet such an interesting person on the road.

Happy trails.

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