March 7 – Sunday

Lazy day Sunday. Took a walk to the big blue dumpster to empty the trash. Like Mom used to say “Make your trash small”, so I sent have to walk up there but once a week.

Lake is very calm.

I ended the week with a visit from Bill Nedderman, a gent from Iowa who calls his parents in Texas to check on them. They are in their 90’s and his sister looks out for them.

Bill rode is bike from Texas to AZ on his way to the Mooggian Rim in AZ to hike it to New Mexico.

He has hiked, biked and rowed across the United States, Canada, Mexico and South America and Europe. He is the ultimate minimalist. He travels so light that everytime I tried to give him something he’d say it weighs too much.

Bill the biker, hiker, rower, swimmer
His bike and pack
Rowing in a borrowed canoe

He helped me with the hummingbird feeder because he was tall and could reach it.


He is on his way to do a hike and was only going to stay a few nights. He ended up staying a week because we started watching movies on the Kindle. Ha

Napoleon Dynamite, Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy and some Woodstock documentaries.

It was a fun week. I sewed in the gazebo and putzed around here. The hummingbirds are happy. Thank you Kim Michigan-Mills for the “Kane” sugar. Birds love it.

Happy trails.

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