March 8 – Monday

Another beautiful day in the neighborhood.

Woke up and saw Bill was gone. He is continuing on his journey to Cottonwood area. He left me a lot of plastic bags for trash which I appreciate because I never make it to the store to get more bags.

Bill’s vacated camp

My sister, Lynne, used to save Walmart bags for me to take on the road. I miss that. She passed away in September if pancreatic cancer.

The water here is very high and they open the dam periodically but never tell ya when! So everyday is a surprize!

Sewing tent

I think the sewing Glam Clam is safe for now. High winds expected tomorrow. I think I have her anchored down good.

Long stakes

Planning on heading into town, Yuma, on the 12th to mail birthday cards. Always gotta keep up with the birthdays! Ha

Been getting thru sewing up the fabric I brought so hopefully I can get that off the bed so I have more room to sleep! Ha

Happy trails

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