March 12 – TGIF

OMG, what a harrowing ride out to the main road. Somehow, I ended up going the way GPS told me and I ended up going down into a wash with pot holes the size of small Volkswagens!

It was terrible. Lucky to have my running boards left. I felt the need for a tranquilizer and/or a stiff drink when I got back to camp.

I had to run some errands. When you drive your house and have to take it with you when you “run errands” it takes a lot of preflight planning.

I had to mail a letter, pick up at prescription in Yuma, go to the dump station, fill up water jugs at the filtered water kiosk, get water to fill up 30 gallon tank at the Long Term Visitor Center and take a shower for a buck at the neughboring campground. By the time I got back, I was exhausted and wet and cold and wind was blowing.

I usually air dry my hair but happy hour sounded better with the neighbors with the sailboat next to me.

Oh yeah, then saw this!

Happy trails.


  1. Hi Aunt Jan,
    I follow your journey when I check my email which I admit isn’t that often. I hope you’re safe out there. It sounds like you’re on an amazing journey. I think there’s a Netflix movie that’s getting all kinds of attention called NOMADLAND. From the description, it sounds a little like you. I work from home now and LOVE IT!!! I’ve been doing some research on and I’m acquiring all kinds of good information about both sides of my family. Surprisingly, I’m not finding a lot about the Selhorst side of the family. I’m finding out more about my Mom’s side. Some interesting things about Grandma I’m seeing. I did the DNA test and it shocked me that I’m only 3% Irish. I honestly thought I was much more Irish than that. Im closer to 60% English. If you make your way through San Antonio, let me know and we’ll get a room ready for you. I Facetime with Dad and Linda every Sunday evening. He’s getting the hang of Facetime. They’re doing good. You take care and if you make it through where I-10 and 35 intersect, give me a buzz. Be safe out there and I love and miss you. Give my best to everyone else.
    -Victoria 🙂


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