March 14 – Sunday

– Pi Day – Happy Math homework everybody! I always liked Pi day. It was like a secret society and only I and a select group of friends knew what it was and we got to say Pi all day.

I  moved camp today because Rhonda from Kansas, a girl camping next to me, found a great spot. So since we were so crammed in there next to other campers, we decided to go to this little cove.

I got there first and we had set our chairs on the site hoping that no one would take it by the time we got packed up and left to come back with our rigs.

Sure enough, two ATVs  were sitting in the site.  They informed me that they were staying there for a cookout and that they would be gone because they all had campsites elsewhere.  So they told me they would not park anybody there and I could have the spot after their cookout. I said OK.

So I parked in Rhonda’s site until my site could open up.

It’s a great site and so the cookout people left and I will move into my site tomorrow. Rhonda squeezed in next to me.

The tree is inches from my van. The wind is blowing but I think I’m good. Very thin branches next to me.

So close but view is worth it.

Don and Rose came down and brought firewood that Bill had gathered. THANK YOU BILL.

Don and Rose
Our fire

Bill is on his trip up north to hike the Moggollan Rim in AZ. Good luck Bill. We had a fire in your honor.

Happy trails.


    1. I use a Jackery 160w. I also have a Jackery 250w to power TV and a Jackery 1000w to power microwave, instspot and everything else. I had bought the smallest ones before I bought the 1000 W.


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