March 18 – Thurs.

Had a surprise with the fridge. I was a tad unlevel. Well, it was just enough to get it to shut off.

So I discovered it in time and noticed the ice on the pipes at the back of the fridge. The propane was not flowing in the direction it should flow.

So I took the plastic spatula and scraped off some of the frost on the pipes. That did the trick. So I’m gonna move today and head back to Quartzsite so that could give it time to unthaw and get back to normal.

Unlevel site but beautiful.

Had a fun time camping with a gal called Rhonda. She has a Class B + LeisureaTravel Unity. It’s beautiful.

Rhonda’s van.
Rhonda and I at Senator Wash

She had a huge gazebo that she cooks in and has a fireplace too. Its pretty cool.

In a little cove
Blackstone stove griddle

Sure had fun telling stories around the campfire. She is from Kansas.

You meet a lot of interesting people on the road. Rhonda was one of them.

Happy trails.

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