March 19 – TGIF

I decided to go to Quartzsite and Rhonda decided to go to Yuma to get a mattress for her rig.

I saw that Bill was in Quartzsite so I wrote him to see if he wanted to go to a coin hunt with me at the QMDC on Sat.

He was going to be in Quartzsite this weekend so he said sure he’d go.

So we met up at Scaddan Wash and went on a geocaching hunt while we waited for the batteries on the metal detector to charge.

Bill from Iowa biked to AZ from Texas

He us the guy who biked from Texas and is on his way to a 500 mile hike in AZ. Called the Mogollon Rim Trail up passed Sedona. He is riding his bike to the end then walking back to the start and hike back to the bike.

His bike is a 30 year old bike that he rode from Alaska to Key West!

Everything he carries on his bike.

Whenever you offer him anything, he says it’s too heavy. Lol

So for now he will hang out until it warms up in the North.

Happy trails Bill, stay safe.

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