March 20 – Saturday  Coin Hunt in Q-town

The Quartzsite Metal Detecting Club had a coin hunt today.

I got all suited up and saw the weather was going to be 84° and 20mph winds. I knew it was going to be a dusty, windy one.

Sign in booth
Line up

120 hunters showed you and they buried $4,000 worth of quarters.

It was masive. They hold it in the coin field at the Quartzsite Metal Detecting Club.

People are very friendly. All wear masks. You must have earphones and don’t get to close to other detectors because you pick up “chatter”. False positives.

I was detecting away and kept hearing beeping. Discovered it was a metal hook end on my “scratcher” digging tool that kept falling in the way. So I shoved it in my rubber glove and it quit!

I came home and changed the strap to have a plastic hook end.

Lesson learned.. Learn something new every day.

I pulled. $11.50 out of the dirt.

Can’t wait for next year!

Happy trails.

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