March 22 – Monday

Man, it is still windy! Like rock the van windy! Pretty desolate. But I have to get taxes done so this will work.

Mile marker 14 on Plomosa Rd
Not a soul in sight

Beautiful sunsets though.

Gotta love Arizona

Bill the biker, hiker, rower is heading to the Mogollon Rim Tail in Northeastern Arizona tomorrow.

The guy sleeps on the ground with no tent, just a pad and sleeping bag. Says a tent is too heavy.

He had to scare off two coyotes by throwing a rock at them as he slept on the ground.

It was nice getting to know him and still I am amazed that you can bike from Alaska to Key West and always find a camping spot.

Happy trails and stay safe. Watch out for the distracted drivers out there.

Happy trails.

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