March 23 – Tuesday

Well I decided to do my taxes today. I got all the paperwork together then my phone says “No Internet Connection!” ARGH!

So after figuring out it’s all the reflectex in the windows blocking the signal, I can get a cell signal and didn’t even need my cell booster.

Will I still haven’t done taxes because the wind is shaking the van and I had a feeling the solar panel would flip even though ib held them down by rocks

Well I was a second too late! Wind changed directions and yep they smacked into the hard rocks on the ground. Everything in the desert is sharp!

Got three little gouges on the new panels but I whiped them off and they seem to still be working. So I brought Jackery in at 93% and have to live with that.

93% charged

Won’t miss this wind! But loved these rainbows after the storms!

Saw it end to end

But by the time I got out there, it was starting to fade. Catch em when you can!

Happy trails.

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