March 27 – Saturday

Was going to go to Howling at the Moon in Yuma with my friend, Myra but with Covid and not getting the shot yet, I decided against it.

It is a monthly event that a group of moon enthusiasts hold on private property in the Foothills near Yuma.

They have bands and sell t-shirts, jewelry, stickers and great fair food. Fried alligator legs, curly fries, pulled pork and lots of other food trucks.

The locals don’t mind because they can just walk across the street and it closes down around 11:00.

Howling last Jan. 2020

It’s a great group of old folks that like to hang out and howl at the moon once a month. And it’s FREE!

Goodnight Moon

Don’t forget to howl at the moon tonight!


Happy trails.

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