March 28 – Sunday

Was going to head out soon back to Ohio but weather looks pretty bad in the midsection of the country. Right where I will be driving.

I don’t like driving in the wind with this high profile vehicle and feel for the truck drivers who have to white knuckle their rigs on the road.

Wind is howling out my window and van is shaking. I’m staying put for now.

A reader asked if I had ever been in a haboob in AZ. Oh yes, I said, one on Thursday. Couldn’t even see across the road while boondocking. Caught the tail end of it as it passed.

Look out, here i come.

It was pretty scary as the van shook and everything smelled like wet dirt.

Hopefully, I see more of these.

So tonight all eyes are on the sky at this beautiful Full Worm Moon. I’m looking for signs of the moon rover.

Happy trails.


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