March 29 – Monday

Happy birthday Kim Michigan-Mills! Was great seeing you on the road! Safe travels back to the UP.

Spent the day cleaning out the She Shed of all the reading materials I’ve piled up to read.  SInce I am waiting on the weather to calm down, I’m gonna practice some speed reading.

I took a class a million years ago On speed reading and it really did help.

I learned that most magazines in column form, up-and-down, is the best way to read. Your eyes have to go all the way to the right and then back left again in a book and you forget what you read and have to do it all over again!

I like to read on the Kindle because you can make the font huge and scan the page and goes real fast.

While sitting outside, trying to read, I observed thus huge fly sunning himself. Can you spot him?

There he is!

At least when he is sitting, hes not buzzing my head.

Of course, right after I put the awning out, the wind decides to kick up and looks like a sail.  So I jump up and push the button to bring it back in. Someday, I’ll get to sit under it in the shade. I guess not in the flat desert.

Bouse, AZ

Happy hour again! The days go fast with blue skies. I don’t want to sit inside and sew and too windy for gazebo. I’ll have to sew tonight after sun goes down.

It’s 84° now outside and 92° in the van so all the windows and ceiling fan are open. Cools it right down. Still a cool breeze. 52° as the low temp tonight. I’ll take it! Great sleeping weather.

I just actually heard a wolf or coyote howling at the full moon. I’m going inside!!

Goodnight moon

Happy trails.

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