April 4 – Sunday

After leaving Chandler, I was informed by the GPS that I-10 had a major crash and they were diverting traffic off the freeway.

Well crap! So we made a detour and I left Myra’s after getting water in the tank, emptying the trash and doing laundry. Thank you Myra!

All set for the next adventure, at Rachel’s house. Rachel and Donnie live in Vail, AZ just east and below Tucson.


Rachel is an artist. She is also a set designer, truck driver and a firefighter. The girl has lived 9 lives.

We had camped this winter in Quartzsite and it was great catching up.

Bubby (Bubbles)

She has a cat condo for this pampered feline. And has a cute little dog too named Amber.

Spot the Quail drinking?

She has every kind of cactus in her backyard.

Favorite is Ocotillo

Was a great visit.

Happy Easter and happy trails.

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