April 5 – Monday

Left Rachel’s and headed to parts unknown.

Spent the night at a Harvest Host site in Tularosa NM at Tularosa Vineard. They were not open for Easter night but I had called and left a message and registered on their on-line registration form. Very user friendly.

It was on my way to Rt. 40 (old Rt. 66, yeah) anyway and needed a place for the night. Harvest Hist is a great value and convenient for one night stays that are free! It is nice to spend some time learning new things as they have libraries,  historical sites, breweries, wineries, golf courses, farms, Alpacas ranch. All free.

It is kind of expected to buy a souvenir or a bottle of wine, fruit or make a donation to the place.

It is a win-win when you are on the road and much appreciated. It helps to write a review on their site or on the Harvest Host site to help other campers.

Had a fantastic time getting a good night’s sleep!

Happy trails!

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