April 6 – Tuesday

Had a great sleep at the winery and headed out to Plan B site.

It is always wise to check out a place first before you spend the night. So I knew I wanted to go to Roswell NM, home of the alien invaders, since it was on my way to Amarillo and Route 40.

Through Mescalero Indian Reservation

Went through the Mescalero Indian reservation. Very beautiful and it is at the far Eastern edge of New Mexico.

So I decided to go to Roswell, NM and go to the Alien Zone store. It is very touristy but I wanted a magnet. Well they were closed and did not open until 11:00am. It was only 9:30 and I didn’t want to kill an hour of drive time.

Alien Zone

Well, then I thought since I was getting gas anyway I would park the van and walk around.

So I got gas and decided to get a place for the night since weather predicted 40mph winds from Tues through Weds.

So I looked up Passport America campsites in the area which offer 50% off sites across the nation.

I found one down the street about 2 miles away for $20 a night. Well, this is where Plan B cones into play.

I drove by the campground and it was a dump. On gravel but really crammed in together. Yikes I kept driving.

So I go to freecampsites.net to see what it had in the area. I had remembered Eric Nomadic Fanatic, of YouTube fame, had done a video on Hereford TX free 3 day campsite with electric, water, trash, dump station. Oh yeah! It was only 175 miles away and I’d be in Texas already. Worked for me.

Man was that a desolate drive. Flat and nothing to see but sagebrush which was blowing all over the place, Huge ones!

That is when I decided I wish I had a GoPro camera to take videos of my travels and start a YouTube channel. Things happen so fast out here, by the time I get the camera on the phone turned on its missed! ARGH! Hate when that happens!

So I ended up driving 200 miles to Hereford TX and, Thank God, there was spots available! Easter Miracle!

Hereford Aquatic Center
Sites with free electric, water, trash and dump.
Did I mention the pool and a pond and park?

And the best sunset overlooking the pond.

A beautiful place to regroup while waiting out the wind storms.

Happy trails.

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