April 7 – Wednesday

After 2 nights of watching drug deals go down at the aquatic park, I decided to head on out to Amarillo than Oklahoma City.

Wind is 40mph gusts and 37 mph sustained so I’m gonna sit it out at this rest area. Did 5 hrs of driving so I’m ready for dinner and bed.

The wind is still howling outside and about ready to tear the roof vent off. Had to lower it down to its lowest position so its heating up in here pretty good.

I have a Cricut Joy cutting machine and I love making things out of vinyl lettering. It is a cutting machine which I took on the road with me. It us the smaller one. They have a bigger model that can do other things called the Cricut Maker. That machine is awesome!

It cuts, writes and scores paper, vinyl, balsa wood, leather and fabric! You had me at fabric!

She Shed wineglass

I joined a Facebook group called Makers Gonna Learn.  It has tons of ideas and designs to cut out.  I can start making my own cards and signs And other stuff.

So while driving I listen to webinars. I have a lot of catching up to do now that I get cell signal.

I’ve got to get the Lake camper ready to sell. I have a buyer and they really want to move in and I haven’t moved totally out yet. So I’m on a fast track to get it ready.

Now if this wind would stop!

Happy trails.


  1. I did write a post when we visited Amarillo. Great place! I’ll be interested to read what you do there. I am also fascinated by these Cricut machines, but I don’t want to start another hobby – at least yet! I do read some people use the larger machine when working on dollhouses. I’ll be interested to read what you do with yours. Safe travels!


    1. Hi Betty, I just passed thru Amarillo as I am wanting to get back to the Lake to sell it. As for the Cricut, I have done many projects but now with selling the lakehouse, I won’t have time to work on it. I’ll let you know when I do. Thanks.

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